I’m Sorry.

It is with much regret, that Just Float is now closed, for good.

Due to ill health and the long lasting damage Covid has caused to me personally, having spent more time in hospital than out over the past year, combined with the damage the pandemic did to my businesses being unable to trade for the best part of two years, I am simply unable to physically dedicate the time or the money needed to make the business grow and become self sustaining.

Many 10’s of thousands invested which I see no chance of being recovered, and the deficit grows with each month I put this off.

If you have an outstanding booking, do not worry. Just contact us on 0191 565 7836 or hit the button below to send us a message with your booking details, and you will be refunded for your booking.

To those who visited us for float sessions over the last year, we thank you for your business.


Kevin Dennis
Company Owner